Thursday 13th October

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers Thursday went well with Derek leading the study which gave me a much appreciated and needed breather. Attendance was good with 16 people attending. This did not include the helpers I had today which I was grateful for. Ann and another friend of mine from another church came to visit which was very encouraging to me. Thanks Debbie! Two people could not stay for the study today. One of the two is regular and the other I have also known for a long time but does not come often on Thursday but says they will be back next week. The person who can be a handful during discussion was reasonably co operative but if you could continue to pray for him each week that would be great. I also a visited a lady who most of the Thursday group knows. She is in hospital. I visited her yesterday she is not doing very well. Another two ladies who regular came on Thursdays are both not well and are both still in hospital. One has a bad heart but has now also broken her hip. Please pray for the three of them. Thanks again Michael

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