Church Camp 2011

Hi all, Thank you for your prayers for the weekend. As expected two people pulled out from coming on the Friday we were to leave for the Church camp. However in hind site this was a blessing in disguise. As the weekend proved to be very full and tiring with the 5 people I did manage to get there. Overall the weekend went reasonably well. However there were many tense moments and one bad situation did develop. As used to dealing with these problems as I am something will always develop which I had not thought of before , as was the case the past weekend.God was gracious with the organising people of the camp being very understanding and helpful to the people whom I brought along.God also provided people qat the camp like my wife , Derek and a few others to make the group feel welcome.
For me again it is a reminder that matching our actions to our belief is always hard. The challenge to love unconditionally and continuously is even harder. The camp and weekend is over and whilst a lot of effort has transpired the task to continue to witness, encourage and teach people about Jesus continues. Please continue to pray for the group on Thursdays and the people we meet with and interact with on Tuesday nights Thanks Michael

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