Pray for the 29th September

  • Please pray for September the 29th as I have been just requested by Wesley to help and run a day with youth where we will provide a bbq for marginalised people at a park in Surry Hills as well as other activities for the youth based around homelessness. Pray that we can get all the council approvals and insurances we need at this late notice and pray that there will be time and opportunity to be able to bring Jesus into this equation for the youth and others we meet.
  • Please pray for God to provide people to participate in SHUM over October and November as yet I have no one.
  • Pray God will prompt and remind people to attend Thursday Bible study even though we have a couple of week’s this month where it will be cancelled. This always has the affect of upsetting their routine.
  • Please pray that God will ease and relieve pain in a man I am seeingwho has terminal cancer. Pray that his son may be encouraged to trust in Jesus during this time

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