Thursday 11th June 2015

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers. Yesterday we had 13 people come through our doors. Out of this 13,
3 of them had not been before. Unfortunately 2 of the 3 left before we began Bible study.
Despite this, the 11 we had for Bible study yesterday partcipated well and most of them were really on
the ball with the study and understanding the passage.


Please continue to pray for the group as quite a number of them are at fragile points in their lives.
Already  a few regulars have stopped coming due to the fragile nature of how they are living and what is occuring in their life. This for me is very sad,but is the reality of ministry in this enviroment. Pray that God will work in the people who have stopped coming to know that they can return to God and he is there for them. Pray that they will remember that they are always welcome to return whenever we are meeting.

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