BBQ – God Answers Prayer 29th September

On Thursday the 29th September I had planned for a BBQ in Shannon’s reserve. We were inviting marginalised people from the organisations around us. Salvation army- street level, Vincientia House, Mission Australia and of course Edward Eagar Lodge. The driver for this came from Wesley’s youth involvement. I was asked at short notice  to give the youth an experience of homelessness. At the BBQ , I thought they could serve the people as well as converse with them.

This was much more difficult than I had ever imagined. A public event involved council and many legal requirements. Food permits, insurances , copyright permission if we were to play or sing any type of song. The list of requirements kept growing as the days passed. Against all odds by God’s grace we were given approval to have this event. God had provided once again.

However when the day arrived it was an overcast day and had already rained in the morning. There was prediction of an electrical storm. Hence the leaders of the youth wanted to move to a backup plan. My backup plan was to hold the event at a nearby Church where we meet for Bible study on Thursdays. So off I went frantically changing venues and getting things ready.

With the weather and backup plan this clearly meant  that not as many people would attend. We had around 60 of youth. I expected they would well outnumber those who would attend. This did happen. However to my pleasant surprise  all the youth engaged those who attended. Not just serving them by sat around in groups talking to 1 person. Those who came loved the attention and shared their experiences of God and belief. Maybe less marginalised people around and in a church  made the youth more secure and more outgoing?I don’t know.

I was extremely encouraged as this at times is just so hard to get even adults to do.

God did have a plan and it was not my plan but His and all worked out for his glory. Praise God.

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