Death is always close – Oct 6th 2016

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers. Today 7 people came to Bible study we were missing a few regulars. However fellowship was good and it was  a peaceful day.

We have experienced a number of deaths at the lodge in the past 4 weeks which has prompted some at least 4 people, plus one staff member to want to come pray with me on each floor. I did this after Bible study  today and have been doing this the last couple of weeks with the same people.

God continues to work in a place where there is much discontent, selfishness and unbelief. Imagine if God was not present.

Please continue to pray for the group and pray that God will continue to bring people and speak to their hearts.                                                                                                                                                               I am running another memorial service next week.

As I came home today I received a phone call from someone whose father is ill and  in palliative care. Sadly I am currently organising someone to speak to him as his first language is not English.

Pray that he might be able to hear and understand about Jesus no matter what physical state he is in or that we may think he is in.                                                                                                                           Death is around me often these situations are common for me and a constant reminder of two things

1) The information we carry is of life giving significance                                                                                  2) There is no other time to speak about Jesus than the present  ‘In season and out of season’

Please pray for those grieving the death of loved ones and that they may have the opportunity to hear and accept Jesus.


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