The restart of Tuesday nights and Thursdays- Feb 1st & 3rd

Tuesday night minstry started this week with a new group of people participating. I am encouraged as always to see new people particpate despite the fears and apprehensions they must have. It was a bit of a slow night but as always there were enough people for all of us to speak to.

Thursday enjoyed very good attendance with 11 people attending not including myself and Derek from the Church I attend. One of the regulars brought along a friend he had also brought to Tuesday night. I had not prepared a bible study as I normally do due to illness but instead showed pictures from my holiday with a perspective of showing what people really worship in those countries. 3 new people attended . These people I do not know from Tuesday or Thursdays. two came just for the lunch and left.
Please pray about this as it does happen from time to time which is fine as we need to be welcoming to all. However in doing so I would not like this to become a pattern. This is not an issue as yet but is definitely something we should commit to God.
Thank God that He continues to provide for this ministry.

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