Thursday 10th February

Today everyone who attended came for the Bible discussion and not just lunch. One semi regular also bropught along a singer whom I know from around the area she plugged her cd and I let her sing a couple of songs as well, this was well received by all. We did this in the part where we normally sing a couple of worship songs. We still sang a worship song and then I allowed her to song a couple of her own songs. I was thankful because this person can be a handful but was fine today. She also said she would be there on Tuesday night to sing some songs. 13 people attended Bible discussion today this is not counting myself and a 3 other helpers/visitors I had there. All up the group was about 17. I know quite a large group. Your continued prayer support would be appreciated in all matters regarding Thursday. With such a large group it is at times more difficult to have Bible discussion it was more of a short talk with questions interlaced. Please continue to pray for the group and wisdom for me as I lead.Thanks Michael

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