Thursday 6th October

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers.Today 10 people attended Bible discussion not including myself and helper Derrick. The Bible discussion went reasonably smoothly with people participating. Please pray for one guy who normally attends and can be disruptive to the group. He was not there today pray that God might work in him to help him to be not so disruptive and disagreeable. However this is part of the response the gospel brings. Please pray that I will have presence of mind and wisdom to deal with these situations. Pray also for the Church camp which I am taking 6 people hopefully tomorrow to the camp. My car broke down this afternoon and so I had to stay at Church for quite a while waiting for the NRMA. During that time I met a couple of other guys on the street one of whom was supposedly coming to the camp as well but now is no longer coming as I have found out. Please pray for him he needs a lot of prayer. Please pray for this weekend as I endeavour to take people from the Thursday group to the camp and hopefully integrate them into a chinese upper middle class environment.Thanks Michael

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