Thursday 5th Sept 2013

Thanks for
your prayers
Today  9 people came through our doors. However 2
had to leave due to previous engagements. It was nice though they wanted to say
hello and we prayed for them.
One lady who
comes regularly each week , has had  her
daughter and grandson attending regularly the past two months. Well today her granddaughter
also attended.
Pray that her granddaughter will return sometime in the future as she is travelling to NZ for a
Today we
had communion and her grandson would not take communion as her had an
altercation with a friend and he wanted to rectify that first.
I am
thankful that he listens to what I say before communion. As I request them to think
carefully through their sin and seek forgiveness before taking communion.
Praise and
thank God that he is working in their lives and pray he will continue to do so.
continue to encourage people on Tuesday night to attend Thursdays gathering.
I will be
meeting with two others for Bible study on Friday 5-6pm before meeting and
running the youth programme at the Church I attend at 6pm. Please pray for this


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