An Unplanned day Thursday 28th June 2012

Hi all,Thanks again for your prayer, support and participation. Today was one of those days where nothing goes to plan but God’s grace shines through and goes to his plans. Today I had organised a missionary friend of mine to come and share with the group. I was looking forward to this as a welcome relief as I do not often get a chance to get someone else to run the Bible study/talk. I received a message form my friend about 9.30 am saying that his wife was sick and he had to take her to hospital. I rang and spoke to them, then began trying to pull a talk/study together. (Please pray for her she is not well) Then I went to pick up lunch which another friend of mine had kindly organised to cook. I went to church and while I was setting up one of the guys came in. He was not in a good way and did not want to stay. I talked and prayed with him and he decided to stay. For whatever reason the Bible discussion we had today was really well received. People enjoyed themselves and participated. The guy who came early had an altercation the previous night with another person who attended today but thankfully even though things started tense and I had to have a few words they both stayed and participated. God was in control. Later the guy who came early prayed a really heart felt prayer and everyone was touched even the person he had the altercation with. 9 people attended Bible discussion today not including the faithful helpers Derek and Ann. Reverend David Tsai also joined in the Bible study today. One of the 9 was a friend of mine visiting from Hong Kong she is here on holidays and wanted to attend as she had been quite a few times about 3 years previous.Roxan supplied a great lunch. How can anyone plan for all this. Praise God Later I had to visit and elderly man in hospital, I was caught in the rain on the way and got soaked. L Please pray for him he is not doing too well he has pneumonia. I sat him up and helped feed him dinner. After this I went to give an information night at Belvoir St Baptist Church. Praise and Thanks to God for supplying people for SHUM in July.Michael

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