A Busy day Thursday 29th August 2013

Today was a
very busy day with 15 people coming through our doors and all but 1 staying for
the Bible study. However that one person came to see me early and I spent time
with him. He has just came off detox and has been off alcohol for 7 days so
please commit him to your prayers. He has spent something like 35 years with alcohol.
The 15 people did not include faithful helpers Margaret, Ann and Thomas who are of course priceless in the things which they do to help out each Thursday.
today ran relatively smoothly. Smoothly but busy  with so many people. Strangely enough we are
still missing some regulars.
Please pray
for 3 guys who have been meeting with me regularly for Bible study until
recent. Two are suffering from depression and the third praise God has been
working. However this has been interfering with him being able to meet me  for Bible study. Please pray that our times
will sort out and coincide.
again for your support and participation


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