Thursday 27th March 2014

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers today. Today went much smoother with most if not
all people being in a better frame of mind. I was very thankful for this,
praise The Lord! Today 10 people came through our doors. All stayed and
participated in Bible study. It was a pretty good turn considering the down
pour of rain that had occurred earlier.
One guy who came today had not been before, although I had spoken to him
before a number of times in the street. He actually had left his bags and
luggage at Church because he did not want to cart them with him. He came to
collect them but no one knew who had spoken with him and where his gear was.
Eventually I did find his stuff , by God’s grace as he was getting pretty
irritated. He then decided to join us for Bible study.

Please continue to pray that God will transform the lives of those who
attend. Pray that those who attend  will
learn to control their tongues and that their arrogance and pride will be
replaced with teachable hearts, love and humility.

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