Thursday 11th July 2013

Thanks for
your prayers. Today started slow but by the time for Bible study started 7
people had arrived and stayed. Two others also came to see me but could not
stay for the study. They normally do but one of them did not feel well. We
studied Galations 4:8-20 and could see how hard Paul was working to bring the Galatians
back to Christ. This prompted us to pray for those semi regulars who had not attended
today. As we counted the list there were at least 10 people we needed to pray
for who were semi regulars through our doors. Some like some of the Galations had also gone astray, some mentally, some physically and some both.
One fellow
who has been experiencing many problems and sees me regularly was not there
today and this is a worry so please pray for him. I also visited a person I had
lent a camp stretcher to because she had just got a place through DOH and had
no bed. I then found out through her that a couple of people who recently have
been coming to Thursdays Bible study and were not there today, were very ill.
Fortunately I had some left over food from today, so I asked the lady, I lent
the stretcher to, to give it to them. God was truly gracious.
continue to pray for these people as it is clear  that much prayer is needed for each person’s
life and for them to either accept Jesus or continue in him.


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