Thursday 4th July 2013

Thank you
for your prayers. They were certainly answered. After Thursday Bible study
being in recess the last two weeks, today was our first week back. Its hard to
know what to expect. Today started very slowly with 4 people arriving by 1pm.
However by the time we began Bible study 12 people had entered through the
We had
Bible study and communion today. Today ran relatively smoothly, Praise God.
This was however quite different from the last few times we have met.
Please pray
for one guy whom  I managed to convince  to come early and then return to speak to me
after people left. He returned near the end in group prayer. He even apologised
to another fellow there that he had picked a fight with a couple of weeks ago.
However he  is not well mentally and hence
also physically. Pray that we can have wisdom to encourage him  to receive the correct help he needs.
Praise God
for His guiding influence today and your prayers.


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