Thursday 18th July 2013

for your prayers.
Tuesday afternoon 2 people came to have Bible study with me. It was a good time
of fellowship.
(Thursday) 12 people came to Bible study today. However one left before we
started . He did the same last week. He was not going well mentally. Please
pray for his mental state as he will see the doctor to review his medications
this week.
God also for a guy who attended from Tuesday nights invitations. It was his
first time with us today. 
One guy who have I have been blogging about and has
been struggling the last two months managed to sit through some of the study
today. He listened and enjoyed his time with the group today. I also spent some
time with him after as well. Please pray for him too as he with a friend of his
maybe going to by themselves try and detox him.
God also for 3 other new people whom attended today. One of our regulars brought them. Pray that they may return.
and thanks to God who brought people in today as well as everyone attending in
a good state of mind. I was very grateful.
thank God for the opportunity to speak from God’s word  which highlighted it is only by faith in Jesus
that we are saved. Pray that God may impact the lives of the new people that
attended today.
for your prayers as today again they were answered.
also to helper Margaret from my Church and Roxan who provided a great lunch


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