Thanks July Shum Team and Thursday Bible discussion report

Thanks to the July SHUM team! Thank you for your prayers , participation and encouragement. I hope you found the month a learning and growing experience. Please pray for one guy who has been coming regularly and meeting with me on Tuesdays as well. He was in trouble today and I leant him money for his accommodation. Not the first time I’ve done this for someone nor I guess the last time. Please pray that he is truthfully seeking the Lord as he appears close to making a decision. Please pray for my involvement with SHUM and CPC both don’t always mix well. 7 People attended Bible study today. 2 others came but left. One guy was in a particularly bad state of mind and wanted to blame me for inciting others not to make him feel welcome. The other who came also comes regularly on Sunday but is a bit sensitive to another person in the group and when that person is there he generally leaves. Please pray about this. Ever felt like your babysitting children? J Derek again was a faithful helper and a friend from Church came today and cooked a great lunch. Thanks again Michael

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