Thursday 1st September

Hi all, Well today was an extremely tough day at Bible discussion with many people participating and wanting to express an opinion. One man in particular who comes weekly does not believe and today was expressing his opinion quite aggressively. Today was not a day for the faint hearted. I was grateful that the minister from my Church was also there and participated in the discussion. However the upside 16 people attended this was not including myself and two others and the minister. Yes it was a big group.Also thankfully everyone left in good spirits as we closed in prayer. One person who has severe mental illness did not stay for the discussion. Although he was there so early he spent an hour and a half with us before he left. He also sincerely apologised that he had to leave. After this I did some doorknocking around the area Derek also advertising our coming Church fete. Some great news is that one man whom I have known for over year from Tuesday nights ministry had promised that he would attend and he came today. Two other people were also there from Tuesday night. This morning I received a call from one of the regular atendess to Tuesday night and Thursday. This person was very y agitated, swearing as they spoke incessantly. then swore at me and after 5 minutes hung up. 10 minutes later she rang back and calmed down we prayed and she apologised. Some days its just a wild ride and all we can do is survive and continue to proclaim who Jesus is. Please continue to pray for the group especially the man who can be quite aggressive during the Bible discussion. Pray that God keeps him under control and convicts him about Jesus as God’s son. Thanks again for your support and prayers they are really appreciated.Michael

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