Early Birds – Thursday 26th July 2012

Hi all Thanks for your much needed prayers Thursdays like Tuesday nights at Central can be unpredictable. We normally start at 1.00pm but by 12.30 at least 7 people had arrived. Go figure??? Keen?? One lady was there at 11.30 when I arrived. Today 10 people attended Bible discussion we had at least 4 different people from last week. One man who is also meeting with me separately to read the Bible also came. He has been consistent in attending Tuesdays and Thursdays. I invited him to Sunday today as well. Another man whom I met on Tuesday night accepted the invitation and attended today. I was encouraged to see him there. He said he enjoyed himself and hopefully he will return. Even though the last couple of weeks less people attended Tuesday nights it is great to see that God is at work. Maybe this was the reason for fewer people so we could have a longer more personal conversation with those few. Please continue to pray for the two guys I just mentioned as one is very close to accepting Jesus. Please also pray for a person I know who rang me today in turmoil and conflict. I have been trying to meet up with him but he has been unable to commit. We made a date tentatively for tomorrow before I need to attend youth group from my Church and also in between another meeting. Pray God will work in him so he will know where his priority should lie. Thanks Michael

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