Thursday 14th April

Thanks for your prayers today. 6 people attended Bible discussion today. This was not including helper Derek and Ann and myself. A friend from CPC made a great lunch today which was well received. Yes many were away it was strange. However with a smaller number people were more willing to open up and some quite amazing things were shared today. One person in particular who comes regularly shared for the first times about the struggle he is having with gambling. He shared this because the passage we read somehow spoke to him. Honestly I could not see the link and was amazed when he shared. I did however already know this about him but the guy has never before confessed up to this and I have known him for a few years. Praise God for working in the people that attend. I also visted one lady who used to come regularly but cannot come at present due to ill health. We actually now have two ladies who have unfortunately fallen into this category. Please remember them in your prayers

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