Thursday 9th February

Hi everyone,  Today went reasonably well with 10 people coming to attend Bible study. Please pray for one person who has come for the last two weeks , he eats lunch then leaves. He knows we will serve him and that’s fine, however pray the Spirit will move him to stay and listen somehow.

Please pray for one lady who always wants attention. Today after Bible study I needed to give someone else that attention after we finished. She poured out her displeasure over numerous phone calls to me later. Pray that the Spirt will continue to work in her.

Please also pray for a man I visited late in the afternoon. He is in a nursing home and suffers from a previous stroke and has hardly any visitors bar me. He is lonely and so I encouraged him to remain faithful to the Lord and prayed with him. He needs more contact than I can give him.

Pray that the Lord will comfort Him and provide for his needs .

Thanks. Michael.

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