2018 Thursday 1st Febraury

Christmas and New Year have passed again at busy time at Edwrad Eagar Lodge. I praise God for His guidance and grace during the November-December period. This time is always an intense time at the Lodge as people are reminded of many things during this period.

Last Thursday was our first meeting after being in recess for a month and a half. 10 people attended Bible study which was a very good attendance after our break. This was also with a couple of people away ill.

Praise and Thank God that He prompted people to return. Bible study went well with most people in a good frame of mind and wishing to participate.

Please pray for a couple of people who were regular at all services and Bible study activities  for months, however have been distracted and particularly with one other mental illness is playing a dominating affect on what this person does.

Pray that God will work in these people and they will return.                                                                                                                                      Pray also for SHUM on Tuesday night as this begins for the year. Pray that people will come to see us and with that opportunity to encourage them in Jesus.                                                                                                                                                                             Pray that God will continue provide people to participate in SHUM this year.

Thanks for your prayers they are always needed.


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