Thursday 5th April 2012

Hi all, Thanks for your prayers. Well today was busy and a little chaotic. 17 people attended Bible discussion today. This was not including myself, Derek and Zacky who cooked for us. It was a lot of people and at times a struggle to keep people on track. One person came and left immediately as I think he felt a little uneasy with the number of people. Today I was fortunate to have Zacky come in and cook lunch for us. With so many people we just had enough lunch with a couple of late comers missing out. Myself and Derek (Ministry student in training at CPC) did not eat. Today we had Bible study and I then followed this with communion. With so many people there were some altercations and arguments happening but on the most not too bad. One guy in particular featured in the altercations. Another friend of mine provided Easter egg gifts. She got her children to write and make the gifts. These like the lunch were greatly appreciated. Thanks for your prayers. Please keep praying that God will continue to work in their lives and they will grow in Knowledge and faith in Him.Thanks Michael

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