Thursday 3rd November

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers. Today 11 people attended Bible study. It was a relatively peaceful day with people freely participating. Unfortunately no one came from our invitations on Tuesday night.

However a guy who attended for the first time last Thursday, came again today as he said he enjoyed Bible study. I thought he may have just come for lunch last week, but clearly I was wrong and God was working in him.

Please pray for a guy I continue to visit in hospital. He is a victim of the one punch or coward punch action. This sent him into a coma for nearly 2 weeks his face almost beyond recognition.

God has certainly worked a miracle in his life and his brother has borne witness to this. As the only surviving family member his brother  has seen and understodd what has occurred. It was unsure whether he would survive or not. Doctors could do nothing more but wait. However a gracious God has brought him passed each step and even through turning off life support to breathing on his own. He can now speak and recognise me but, cannot say my name. His short term memory is affected at present. Time will tell what returns or does not.

Please pray for his continued recovery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Praise God for the witness this has been to his family.



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