Thursday 3rd March 2016

Hi everyone,

Today 10
people came through our doors. However it was a complicated day.
One lady
came early to see me from the lodge. She has been coming consistently to weekly bible studies and Church. She is having many legal problems which has led to
her situation. Together we  rang ‘legal’
at Wesley who could not help. However
whether this is reality or not this is breaking her faith. She did not stay for
the study, I prayed for her but she is looking to disconnect from us as God is
not answering her in the way she wants.
Please pray
that God will speak into her life and keep her in his hand.
Another lady
who attended passed out during the study. 
After we had finished and cleaned up I had to wake her up and bring her
back, giving her coffee until she was coherent. (She had clearly been on
something the last day or so and was collapsing from exhaustion) She woke up
convinced someone had stolen her phone and some money and that this person was
at the Edward Eagar lodge. She went to the lodge and I later followed and then
guided her out of the lodge to avoid causing more problems.
we found her money in her things but not the phone. I took her back to her
borrowed car and she settled down, hopefully to return home.
continue to pray for the Thursday group and the people that attend. Pray that
God will work in them and transform them. Whatever the reason, many of them are
struggling with God and life.
Thanks for
your prayers they are most needed.


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