Thursday 10th November- sorry late post

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your prayers.
10 people came through our doors for Bible study. Plus one guy who came for lunch and left.
On top of these people we also had 3 school students who have been visiting the lodge as community service from their school.
I have been encouraging our the Activity co-ordinator from the lodge to bring them and join us. A subtle or not so subtle way
to get them to have Bible study with us.
Anyway they came and enjoyed the time we had. we also had cake at the end of our meeting and thanked the students for spending
time at the lodge.
Its strange to think I can have so much trouble in getting Christian adults to be with marginalised people and yet here are these school students.
It worked out so well that when a new batch of students attend the lodge I will again be trying to factor our Thursday Bible group into
their program.
Thanks for your prayers

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