Rescue Friday

Hi everyone,
Here is an interesting update to the guy I placed in the ambulance on Tuesday Nightl. The guy we put in the ambulance called me yesterday . He has been moved to Gorman house but will have to there upon Doctors approval.
He was very grateful to me as the ambulance officers said he would have died if we had not got the ambulance . In the ambulance his heart stopped again and they had to defibrillate him.
He is trying to get and needs accommodation so I referred him to Edward eager lodge so I should see him on Sunday as I will be at the lodge this Sunday. He does not get paid till later in the week so I said I would pay for his first week at Edward eager lodge if he can get in. He could be pulling a swifty but clearly his health is bad so I am willing to help out.
I think he is a believer and he intends to come on Sunday and to bible study on Tuesday and Thursday. However I have heard this all before so let’s just see if he fronts on Sunday.
Please pray for this situation.
Also on Friday I had  to see a regular to bible study. He was depressed with the flu and had not eaten for 2 days. So I took him so food and panadol and prayed for him. Also gave him money for the train so if he is well enough he should be there on Sunday too.
Please pray for both these people. Another person also rang me on Friday needing help but I had to reorganize my times and due to this we missed each other by an hour is so. Must have been rescue Friday

Please continue to pray that God works in the lives of these people to bring them to a saving knowledge of him.
Thanks Michael

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