A Strange Week Thursday 3 May 2012

Hi everyone, Thanks for your prayers The previous Tuesday night people were mentally on edge or strung this generally means some sort of follow on to Thursday. Don’t know why but this is generally the pattern. Its almost like some sort of bio rhythm or clock for people. Numbers were down a bit for Thursday 6 people stayed and attended Bible study and participated well. Praise God the lady with Alzheirmer’s was in a good frame of mind. However one guy who comes regularly came early, 12.00pm. He stayed tell about 1.00pm which is when we start. He left because another guy who comes semi regularly was in a really bad frame of mind. He was angry and yelling and shouting. I tried to calm him down but he was inconsolable. I tried to get through to a number he wanted to call but they were not available and that made him even more angry Unfortunately he left in this state of mind. Please pray for him and the guy who left as he is a sensitive person. In spite of this God was still gracious and the people who were there, participated well in the Bible discussion. One of the regular attendees rang me and said she could not come as her leg was sore and she was going to rest it. She believes this is from Tuesday nights events. Another semi regular also contacted me and said she could not make it as she would be at the solicitors. Please pray that those who were in a mentally bad state this week will calm down and feel comfortable enough to return to Tuesday night and Thursdays. Thanks Michael

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