Thursday 23rd February 2012

Hi all Thank you for your prayersToday 11 people attended Bible discussion. This was not including Derek , Ann and myself. Unfortunately two had to leave early as the police were meeting them at their place, not great. It was good to have Ann back today from here holidays in Singapore. She said she could not get a flight back and had to stay longer. Poor thing, I should be so lucky. We had 3 Birthdays this week in the group so I brought some birthday cake along and yes it went quickly. Roxan from the church I attend kindly provided a great lunch today. A fire in Oxford St caused traffic chaos in Surry Hills today as well which delayed one of the birthday girls in arriving. However she still made it. I also visited a couple in Surry Hills who were not there. So I visited his sister and daughters next door, only to find out that the husband of the couple is in hospital. I prayed with them. Please pray that God impacts all their lives. This evening I also had to go to Belvoir St Baptist Church ( where we meet for SHUM on Tuesday Nights). There is an elderly couple I have got to know who attend Bible discussion there on Thursday evenings. The husband was missing and the wife told me he had just passed away only a couple of weeks ago. This was sad news and I spent some time in prayer with her. She shared with me how much she misses him. They had been together 33 years. Please pray for her. Please also pray for some issues I am currently facing at Church. Prayer for strength and wisdom would be appreciated. Thanks Michael

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