Funds Needed

Esso and Family with Lisa
My wife
and I have recently come back from a holiday to Tanna Island in Vanautu.
We had
just planned a holiday, but God had other ideas. We had originally chosen this
island so we could see an active volcano and to be with the people to see how
they live.

connected easily with our tour hosts Esso and Rachel, and it was evident they
were invested in the people of their village and of the island. We were
searching for a time to share with them and find out what they believed. God
provided this time after dinner on our second evening. We found out that they
were fellow believers in Jesus and they shared with us many amazing miracles
God had worked in their lives. This included starting their business with the
purpose of benefitting both them and their people. 
To cut a
long story short, they asked me to come one night to their village to speak. They
have also set their village up as a sanctuary for people with problems who are
not welcomed in other villages.  Unfortunately
it poured with rain that night and the meeting was cancelled. It was cancelled
because they didn’t have a place to meet. We were disappointed but I took the
opportunity to ask the girls in the kitchen if they would like to have Bible study
with us. They were eager to listen to the story about Jairus’ daughter and the
healing of the bleeding woman. When we had nearly finished, their brothers also
came and sat with us and we prayed for them.
that evening we had given the only Bible we took on holiday to Rachel and now
the girls also wanted Bibles.
The next
morning we were invited to see their meeting place/church. Our host’s brother
John called together those who were in the village because he wanted me to
speak to them. I spoke from a passage in Luke and they in turn thanked us by
singing a song for us called, “God can do anything”. It was an encouraging
So why am
I telling you this?
people in this village have requested:
Bibles and Sunday School materials
Funds to rebuild their meeting place. It is dilapidated
and in need of repair. This is a tropical area so when it rains it can really
come down.
That we return to stay with them, not as tourists,
but as their family and teach them from the Bible.
building they use for church needs repairs and enlarging. The estimated cost is
about $8000 AUD to cover the cost of materials. This will not make a grand
building, but will provide a study structure with a floor, 4 walls and a roof
that does not leak.
The current meeting place
We have
already begun working to get the Bibles and Sunday School materials to them. I
have been in contact with mission organisations both in Port Vila and in Sydney,
and have learnt that the best way to do this is to send the parcel of Bibles
and materials ourselves.
We are
attempting to raise the funds for the village so they can have a sheltered
place to meet and have church.
welcome any donations of funds to this worthy cause.
All funds
will be directed to God’s work there, and God willing, my wife and I hope to
return soon to see their progress.
If you
are interested in supporting this or have further questions please let me know. 

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