Return Thursday 25th Sept 2014

Hi everyone,
Today was a quiet day with 5 people
attending. I think people didn’t know we started back. That coupled with the
fact that CPC had been placing a notice on the gate saying we were back on the
2nd October. Not sure how they got that, must have been lost in the
translation. Unfortunately one fellow who attended today was in a bad and angry mood. However God was gracious and everyone
else who was there was very patient with him.
Bible study was good and people participated
I also shared with the group about Vanuatu and a couple of them want to donate money to them. Praise God.

Its been a complicated past couple of
weeks with my own health not the best as I recover from pneumonia last week
which is now clear but still don’t feel 100%.
Please pray that the regulars will return back to their routine next Thursday.
Thanks for your support and prayers

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