Thursday 27th October

Hi everyone,

Yesterday 11 people came for Bible study. There were 2 new people and one person who had not been for over a year. Unfortunately one of them left before Bible study began.

On top of the 11 we also had the activity worker from EEL (Edward Eagar Lodge) attend with 2 school students. I was trying to encourage them to visit and even make it a regular thing.

Interestingly enough the activity worker , after Bible study, said it was good to be there and hear the Bible explained as there are many things in the Bible that are confusing for her. God can speak to all people through His word and His word needs to be made clear to all.

It was a good day with people participating well.

Please continue to pray for the man who was in the coma. He has a long road to recovery. Detectives have been in touch with me over this incident and I have come to know his brother quite well. I have been praying with him every time I see him and he acknowledges the fact, that his brother is still alive, is a miracle in itself.

Praise God that he can use us where ever we are.                                                                                                                             Thanks                                                                                                                                                                                                       Michael

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