A Busy day Thursday 15th Nov 2012

Hi everyone
Thanks for your prayers, they were needed. Today
14 people attended Bible discussion. By 12.20pm 5 people had arrived with a
couple of them being very agitated speaking loudly and aggressively. I called Derek,
who assists me each week, over so we could pray about today. I could already see
that things could easily get out of hand very quickly. God was gracious and by
the time Bible study came around things did calm down with that bunch. However
two others who attended today and have been running a longstanding argument for
the past month and a half, one of them in the midst of Bible study stormed off
and was unhappy, I think with the other.
Although he  has told people he has  forgiven the other clearly there is a way to
We need to encourage and pray for both to
reconcile their relationship
I was hoping they could both at least get
through a session of some event together. However unfortunately that was not
Please pray for both, it was more than appropriate
today maybe even too appropriate that the passage we studied was Philippians
4:2-9 – Paul encouraging reconciliation between two arguing sisters in the
Thanks again
for your prayers they are most appreciated.

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