Thursday 19th March 2015 and Tanna Island

Today 10 people came
to our group plus a student in ministry training plus another person a christian
guy who was given a day off by his
work for community service.  He had not been to our group before so it was a bit
of an eye opener for him.
Out of the 10 that
attended today two had not been before.
One lady again
caused some trouble and started an argument in todays group with another guy.
Please pray for her as I need to find a way to deal with what she does and
for her to some how take some responsibility for the way she
As you are aware
cyclone Pam has hit the Islands of Vanuatu. Tanna Island is one of the most
severely hit being near the eye of the cyclone. In the past
year my wife and I have been
supporting and raising funds for  building of a Church there (they are using a
dilapidated hut , which cannot be used in inclement weather)
My wife and I,
on holidays there,  met and talked to some Christians in some of the villages. After
meeting and speaking to one particular guy we decided to raise
money to build a church, really a room. Four walls and a
They had built to
the roof with the money we had raised. But now of course the cyclone has
Now  there are much
more important things to be concerned with. Most live in huts which would
have been flattened by the cyclone.  
There is little
clean water and not much food from their crops which they live
We are waiting till
communications to Vanuatu have been restored to find out what is needed in
detail. However the situation seems quite bleak at present.
Please pray for
their safety and protection and survival.

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