Thursday 24th July

Hi everyone,
Today 9
people came through our doors. It was an incident free afternoon with people
in Bible
study. One lady who rang me  could not
come today because she was having an xray after being
pushed into
a wall. Please pray for her physical being. A woman whom I visited after Bible
study is a regular. However she  has not
been attending Thursdays or Sundays for the past month. She is not going well
at all. She has anxiety
 issues and this coupled with problems with her
son has placed her  in a very stressful
situation. Please pray for her.
Pray also for
a guy whom I recently helped out with accommodation for a week. He has been
uncontactable. Pray that he is ok and will resume contact soon.
The July SHUM Team will be at the Lodge this Sunday. Pray that this will be an encouraging and challenging experience for them.
Thanks for
your prayers


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