Prayer – throughout and up to Christmas

Hi everyone,

The last couple of weeks everytime I have been with marginalised people theya have been frustrated, irritated and upset. Hence the site of police and paramedics has also been constant. Last Tuesday including Tuesday night at SHUM people’s tempers were again frayed.

Please Pray for:

Everyone’s safety and protection when I am meeting with people that I am ministering to.

Thanks and praise God that things have been ending peaceably even though this is occuring

Thank God that a man who was clearly mentally unstable on Tuesday night attended Thursday Bible study well behaved

Pray for the continued recovery of a man hit by a ‘coward punch’ who spent two weeks in a coma

Thank and praise God that the man who did this has now been caught , charged and is in prison.

Pray for the activities coordinator from Edward Eagar Lodge who I have invited to our last lunch/biblestudy meeting on Thursday for this year.

Thanks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Michael

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