Thursday 25th October

Today 11
people attended bible discussion. This did not include Marshall whose wife provided a great lunch,
Derek, Ann, my wife Lisa and myself. Unfortunately 2 had to leave before Bible
study began. Although one of these is a regular.
Two people
who have had some aggressive arguments during the week did not attend. Both are
fairly regular particularly one of them  is normally there every week until now. Please
pray for them both and that God will work in them to change and forgive each
On the
upside one new person attended today and another woman who I have not seen for
about 9 months. Please pray they will return and become more consistent.
Please also
pray for two people whom I am meeting with each Tuesday afternoon to do an
overview of the Old Testament with. I asked them to commit to 10 Tuesday
afternoons. So far they have both attended 3 consecutive weeks. Please pray
this continues

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