Update on Vanuatu, Tanna Island

We had recently raised money to send to Tanna so they could buy rice as aid had still not arrived after 4 weeks.
Here is there response. With the money they sent they were able to obtain rice.

“We all want to say thank
you for the rice you funded.
We bought 20bags of rice of
15 kg and 2 bags of 27.5kg, and 3 cartons of tinfish and 2 cartons of
We share it with 45
We will be caught up with
him. Thank God for the risen Lord and Saviour.
We haven’t had any disaster
relief yet.
Tell all who have help we
love them in Jesus name.”

Thank you and may the Lord
bless you and keep you.
Thank you for your support and please to continue to pray for the people of Vanuatu.

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