Thursday – Peace at Last 24th November

Hi everyone the last week and a half and agin on Tuesday night people have been agitated, irritated and frustrated. Fights arguments, conflict and the police and paramedics has been a common sight wherever I have been lately.

Even last Tuesday night people were angry and a couple of fights almost errupted.

Today 13 0r 14 people attended lunch Bible study all males except one female. It would have been extremely easy for things to get out of hand. A few people attended from Tuesday night. One of them was one guy who had almost caused a fight on Tuesday night he was well behaved today.

Praise and thank God for another guy who attended our group for the first time today. He attended on Sundayy and Tuesday for Bible study. I praise God for this as he suffers from anxiety and rarely wanders from the lodge and yet this week has met with us every meeting we had this week.

Please continue to pray for the people I minister to and pray that God will work in them to calm them and have a peaceful state of mind during this time of year right up to and throughout Christmas

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