Thursday 20th December

Hi everyone

This was the last Thursday meeting for the year. We served up a great meal. Chinese pork buns, dim sim, prawn dumplings, beef and noodles hor-fun (thick noodles) , vietnamese wraps and mango pudding for dessert (made by a friend Margaret who also attended). Another friend also made up packets of sweet treats to give everyone.
10 people attended with a number of regulars unfortunately not there. 3 people came who had not been for months and attended. Helpers were my wife Lisa, Derek, Ann and new comer Margaret also from my Church.
We had Bible discussion followed by communion. Thursday meetings will resume on the 24th January.
However they can still contact me in between on Sundays and attend Bible study there. I will also be contactable and available to them on some of the Tuesdays in January.
Thanks everyone for your prayers and supporting this ministry throughout the year.
Please continue to pray for them as a couple of the regulars have gone missing as of late. Pray that God will keep them in his care and that they will not stray to far but will know where home truly is.
Thanks again

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