Thursday 13th December 2012

The last two Thursdays our numbers have dropped a little with about 7 people attending. This however still makes for a good Bible study. God has been gracious with people participating and hopefully learning from God’s word.
Strangely enough though 3 people turned up for Bible study on Tuesday and last Sunday.
Please pray for two guys one who had been very regular. One seems to have gone missing the last 2 weeks and the other  has  just started to get things back together. He has now  returned and attending  a bit more regularly. He used to be one of the most consistent and attend Thursdays and Sundays but this has stopped since he has lost his way.
Thanks also to Ann, Derek and Lisa (my wife) whose help was again invaluable yesterday.
Next Thursday will be our last Thursday meeting for the year.
Please continue to pray for the group.

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