Thursday & Homeless Prevention Week

Hi everyone,

Today 7 people came to Bible study 2 of these had not been before. One of them also wants to attend on Sunday please pray they will attend.

At the moment many of the memebers of Thursday Bible are struggling with consistency in their attendance please pray that they will realise the importance of this.

I also have 3 people in hospital not well who would normally attend Bible study. Out of the 3 I think only one will be able to return consistently.

Please pray for their well being.

I also had to shorten Bible study today to get to another memorial service I had organised in conjunction with other organisations.

This week is ‘Homeless Prevention Week’

It has been a hectic week

Praise and Thank God for the Homeless memorial service we held on Tuesday afternoon. I have organised 3 services to be held this week with other organisations as part of Homeless Prevention week. These services are  to remember marginalised people who have died amongst us.

God held the rain in his hands on Tuesday and it did not rain till we had finished and packed up by about 3.15pm.

It was sprinkling at 1pm but ceased . When this occurred I was in a dilemma as to whether or not to call it off and move to an inside backup venue.

However this defeats the purpose of having the service outside where people can hear and see what we are speaking of and people passing by can stop and listen.

The service was well attended and many who attended are non believers.

We had present Tanya Plibersek MP and deputy opposition leader,and two local city of Sydney Councillors.

One of the Councillors said to me that it was good to see that Jesus is mentioned and spoken about at this event.

I said definitely! if I could not do that I would not organise the event.


Praise and thank God for the collaboration between organisations these events have brought.

It is yet another opportunity for me to witness and encourage others who are in the same space but not of the same belief.

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