A Chaotic day Thursday 16th May

Today 11 people came to attend Bible discussion and 1 left before lunch
and just stayed for a couple of coffees. Please pray for this man he is not
going well and used to attend regularly every week.
One other guy, who comes regularly but does not always stay because of
his mental state got into an argument with someone else this almost resulting
in a fight,. The other guy was angry at him and was going to leave but he is a
believer and God worked in Him and I managed to convince him to stay. Many of
them were unsettled today. One other man  I meet with regularly, whilst we were almost through
the study, said he could not concentrate and he left.
Strangely enough a couple of others wanted my attention after the
meeting even though it was clear I had to deal with the guy who was drunk and
in a bad mental state.
The guy who was drunk was angry at some of the group and was swearing at
them. I had to spend time with him after and walked him out and across a busy
intersection so he could get to his destination safely. Please pray for him.
As you can see Thursdays need prayer. Satan seemed to be working hard
amongst the group today as one of the people who got angry and almost in a
fight is one the most passive gentle people I know.
Please continue to pray for the group

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