Hospital – Thursday 30th June

Hi everyone

Thanks for your prayers. It was again a quiet day with 7 people attending Bible study.

There was one new person who I had encouraged from the lodge to attend.

For me it was really a day of hospital. My father rang me earlier and I needed to take him to hospital which I did and later from them went into organise lunch and Bible study.

After Bible study finished I again had to go to another hospital, St Vincents to see someone else. After I had finished there, I went back to Edward Eagar lodge to speak and calm down another guy who needed to goto hospital.

He had dismissed himself earlier in the day from hospital with the proviso he would return.

He should return tomorrow, he is very ill from a bad infection but is scared of hospital.

Please pray he will keep his word to me. (I think he will, as he is in a lot of pain)

One of the reasons numbers are a little down on Thursdays is that some people have moved out of Edward Eagar Lodge and the area and so their attendance has also left. They will be missed.

Please pray that God will keep these people in His hand.

Thanks, Michael

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