Thursday 20th June – Sorry for lack of updates

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your prayers. Today was one of those days when many came at once. 17 people came to Bible study today. Amazingly our food stretched to feed everyone and Bible study went pretty well even with the amount of people who were there. One new person came and at least 3 other people who had not been for at least a year or two.

Please pray that God will work in these people and that the Holy Spirit will transform their lives.                                                                                              Many people want to attend but become immediately distracted by the events of their day.                                                                                                        Pray that they will develop a desire to want to read God’s work consistently and fellowship with others.                                                                                    Please pray for one man I have been ministering to, his sister and family are at Nauru detention centre and his sister’s son passed away there. Thank the Lord that we were able to amazingly get communication through to Nauru and pray that God influences the right people and us so that we can sort out movements of this man’s body and any help that the family at Nauru may require.

Thanks you for your much needed prayers. Michael



Thanks once again for participating in SHUM and hope to see you there again.


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