Thursday 30th July 2015

Hi everyone,
Today 12 people came through our doors. People participated during
Bible study. However the day was not without event.
One lady who came for the first time today I have been encouraging
her to come and particularly talking to her over the  past few days. This is because she had found
out on Monday that her mother and brother were both killed in a car accident.
She cannot even attend the funeral as the bodies were flown back to turkey
where the mother is from. She is pretty shattered. However she came early today
but left early because that was all she could handle.
Pray that she will know God’s comfort and love.
Another lady came today because a man I know from the street
who brought her with him, to the Thursday group about a month ago, has gone
back to prison. However she has been told by the prison when she went to visit
him that he has died. They would not reveal any further information. I
explained why to her and also advised I will see what I can find out.
After bible study I went to see man in hospital who I have
been visiting a couple of times a week as he does not have much time left to
live. However praise God he definitely believes in Jesus.
Then a lady later this evening who was supposed to attend Thursday
group today rang me anxious and upset. Her sister in law, whom she is very
close to, is in hospital with a blood clot in the lung  and now in a coma.  I prayed with her and we chatted and her
spirits picked up. Please pray that she finds accommodation as she needs to be
out of the place she is in by Sunday. 
Pray also for her sister in law’s recovery, God willing.
One lady  was very upset after Bible study today. This
was  apparently because of one of our
regulars on Tuesday night.  Clearly she
wanted attention the attention from the SHUM team and when she thought it was
taken away from her by someone else, 
well she saw was angry, at the least.
Please pray
for her as she gets aggressive and rude and invents a myriad of nasty scenarios
about others, when she is like this.
There is
indeed a world of pain out there! Please pray for these people and that God
will give me wisdom to speak and point them in a loving manner to Jesus.
continue to pray for these people who are clearly in need of a loving,
comforting and forgiving God.
Please pray
also for the Homeless Memorial service I am organising to be held at Shannon’s
Reserve in Surry Hills.
This will
take place on August the 4th 2pm and is to remember those who have
passed away in the past years who might otherwise leave this world unnoticed.
Thanks for
your prayers.


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