Thursday 28th April

Once again Thanks for your prayers. It was pouring with rain come 1.00pm today. I was wondering who would show up with such miserable weather. However God was gracious and 9 people attended Bible discussion. This was not including helpers Derek , Ann and myself. Please pray for one guy who says he wants to meet regularly for separate discussion about Christianity. I believe he is endeavouring to try and worship and find the one true God, he is also looking into Buddhism. We were thankful to have James Fong join the group and lead us in Bible discussion today. Roxan from the church I attend also provided a great lunch which was greatly appreciated and eaten.
I was also fortunate today to be able to attend a birthday party for one of the guys I know. He had a cake and party food at the savlovos across the road from Church. He was very happy even a bit teary.
Please continue to pray that the group grows in number and spiritually.

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