Thursday 10th May

Hi everyone, 9 people came through our doors Last Thursday for Bible study. It was peaceful but challenging. Challenging due to one person’s metal health flaring up that day. That person was manic that day. A number of regulars were away due to physical problems. Please pray for their recovery.
2 new people also attended who had not been before. The person who was manic that day, over the week end and throughout
the night  had sent me multiple threads of text indicating paranoia, aggression and delusional.
On Sunday morning when I came in to sunday service and Bible study at the lodge I also needed to
track down their mental health carers to request they see this person as I was very concerned about them.
They said does not sound good and said they would visit them. 
Please pray for her recovery, this person has been through quite alot and is very regular at our meetings and in definitely
a believer but is affected by  mental illness.
Thanks for your prayers. In Him Michael.

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