Update on building a Church at Tanna Island, Vanuatu

 ‘The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed’ It
will spread  far and wide even to the
most remote places. 
God has guided us to help build a Church, to provide for His people on the remote Island of Tanna, Vanuatu

Lisa standing at the bottom of a banyan tree on Tanna  Island

Last October we asked for your support to raise funds
to rebuild a church for a village on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu.

By mid November we were able to send
funds to our brother Isso on Tanna  island.
Almost immediately Isso ordered materials for the project, most of which were shipped
in from Port Vila.

Work commenced in early December. Unlike building here
in Sydney where there is access to machinery and electricity, everything must
be done by hand on Tanna, including mixing the cement to make concrete for the
foundations and digging the trenches for the foundations.

 The building of this
Church has garnered much interest from the locals and people of other villages  have come to see the work being done.

This building will be
used for ministry as well as providing a meeting place for their community.
This project reminds
me of Nehemiah and the return of the Israelites to Jerusalem to rebuild the
city and its walls. This action of working together united God’s people as they
placed their hope and trust in the Lord to provide.
Likewise the building
of this Church on Tanna has united the people of this community to work
together so they may have a secure and sheltered place to worship our God.

 In early January we received news from Isso that “we have built up to the beam” i.e. the
walls have been built to the height where the roof can now be attached.

All of this has taken place in just
a little over a month
such is the enthusiasm and dedication of the community
of believers in a small village on Tanna Island.
However this is where
the work on the building has now stopped because further funds are needed to
complete the project by building the roof.

 We would like to ask you to
prayerfully consider supporting this community of believers on Tanna.

For further information please
Michael Tang
0417 455 292

A big thank you to those of you who have already supported this
project and prayed for God’s provision on Tanna island.

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