Thursday 10th May 2012

Hi everyone, On Thursday numbers have dropped slightly as we have two regulars overseas and a couple of others being sick. Despite this 7 people showed up for Bible discussion not including one person a regular coming late, so late we were packing up. But that’s fine we prayed and chatted for a while. Bible discussion went fine with people participating. God is truly gracious as two new people attended the group. One person whom I know from Tuesday night had never been before. He was encouraged to come by one of our regulars whom he met. Another lady apparently who attended wandered into Church on Sunday was invited to attend Thursdays group and left. Its clear God will bring whom he wants there. On the same Sunday I spent quite a bit of time with another woman, homeless, who wandered into Church she would not even let me pray for her, invited her to Thursdays and Bible study that morning but she did not show. Please continue to pray for the people who attend and pray that the 2 new people may return, Lord willing. Thanks Michael

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